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Business Management Consulting

Strategic Planning


We work with organizations to define priorities, strengthen operations and focus resources to ensure employees are responsive to a changing environment.  

Management Consulting


Our management consulting improves employee performance, builds leadership skills and addresses what's working and what's not working, closing gaps and building competencies. 

Executive Leadership Coaching


Our certified executive coaches help management define successful business practices, improve team productivity and achieve successful business practices.  

Areas Of Expertise:

Strategic Planning

It's hard to achieve anything without a plan!  

Our company assists business leaders to determine how to spend its resources, how to invest in human capital and how to grow to stay relevant. We work with businesses to achieve the  perfect balance, the right execution strategy and select the right people to execute strategy. 

Staff Development Training

What is your team's professional IQ? 

Once this question is answered, we design training that takes leaders to the next level.  We ALWAYS deliver training that is interactive!   We co-design training with our clients to ensure it is relevant, addresses weaknesses and builds leadership competencies. 

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Sherri Davis-Garner uses proven methodologies to help leaders develop self-awareness, discover blind spots and improve  leadership.  As a certified executive coach, Ms. Davis works with leaders to lead with confidence, make sound business decisions and achieve next-level leadership.

Examples of Past and Present Performance

Strategic Planning


Designed a billion dollar growth  plan for one of Nissan's largest vendors. 

Strategic Planning


Strategic planning and leadership skills were used to increase revenue and market-share in a competitive automotive industry. 

Training and Development


Designed and delivered leadership and customer service training for BCCOA, MDOT's largest transportation provider. 

Organizational Development


Designed a strategic plan to ensure growth and economic development  for Hinds County's 245,000 residents.

Leadership Development Training


Designed leadership training to strengthen operational functions for all of Meridian's directors and managers.

Leadership Development Training


Facilitated tenant negotiations, contractual bids and request for proposals.  

Past and Present Performance


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