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Ms. Davis-Garner works with Fortune 500 companies offering leadership development, strategic planning and governmental relations. She works with large and mid-sized companies to develop leaders to take on complex challenges. 

Her strategies and coaching yields results, closes performance gaps and develops highly performing teams. Ms. Davis-Garner's management consulting aligns organizational outcomes with the organization's strategic direction. 

She is a certified executive leadership coach who received her certification from 

Georgetown University (DC) and Newfield Network (Asia, Europe, and South America).  Ms. Davis-Garner received her Professional Coaching Certification (PCC) from the International Coaching Federation.  

She also earned a certification in negotiation from Harvard University,  a Masters of Arts Degree in Organizational Communications from St. Louis University and a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Journalism from Marquette University.  

Ms. Davis-Garner is the author of Choose to Stay or Choose to Go .  This book 

reveals the unedited and unscrubbed truth about how managers determine who moves up the ladder and who does not.  This book brilliantly unearths what it really takes to excel and break through the glass ceiling.  

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