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Choose to Stay or Choose to Go, written by Sherri Davis-Garner  brilliantly reveals the unspoken and unwritten rules which mangers use to determine whose career progresses and whose does not; who gets promoted and who does not.

Ms. Davis-Garner uncovers and decodes what is not taught at universities and colleges or shared in performance reviews.  She exposes what is said over the water cooler, but seldom shared in performance reviews.  She provides an inside view of why certain people are promoted and others are not! 

Her smart solution strategies brilliantly provide an inside track on how to break through the glass ceiling to get positively noticed and brilliantly rewarded for understanding how management thinks!   

Choose to Stay or Choose to Go exposes the importance of being liked by managers and colleagues, how to navigate office politics, how to manage your manager’s ego and even how being social is linked to promotions and/or firings.

Ms. Davis-Garner brilliantly provides an inside track of how management thinks!   Her smart solution strategies brilliantly provide an inside track on why some careers progress, while others do not! 

You’ve got to read the secrets that most managers never want exposed! 

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"When I attended a conference in Montreal, Ms. Davis-Garner presented 10 unknown truths which managers often use to determine who gets promoted and who doesn't.  It was brilliant and eye opening!  I sat there and thought where I would be now if I had met Ms. Davis-Garner when I first started my career!  She puts the workplace into perspective!"  Mina LaGrange (State Farm)